The Difference That Makes A Difference

That's Why It Works!

        America's Favorite Coupon Book is not a force fed publication! People pick it up because they want it - not because it has been thrown into their yard or crammed in their mailbox.

        Our unique distribution system places your advertisement in the public's hands out where it can be used: where people shop, where they work, and where they play.

        We can be measured! No more guesswork. You will either receive coupons or you won't. You may not only count your coupon return, but by attaching the coupons to receipts, you may count dollars returned. You will know if, and how well, your advertising investment is working.

       Your advertisement will enjoy a longer shelf-life. We are a monthly publication. Your once-a-month investment keeps working throughout the entire month. America's Favorite Coupon Book is usually saved and used more than once by different family members. As long as you advertise with us, you'll always have an advertisement out there competing for you.

        Dollar returned for dollar spent. That's the correct way to measure us. Divide the dollars returned by the dollars spent and you will have an accurate way to measure us against any other media.

       You read a newspaper for information and entertainment. You read a shopper for the person-to-person classifieds. You have little time for unsolicited junk mail. You watch TV for entertainment and information. You listen to radio for the same reasons. When you browse America's Favorite Coupon Book, you are shopping, pure and simple.

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